Watson , original paint SP9 19th century Pennsylvania Hanging Pie safe with the original dry blue paint. Hand punched tins with two tins in the door with two tins on each side and back ,sun burst pattern. Drake in breast preening pose and hen with turned head. SP4 19th century Pennslyvaia twenty drawer Apothecary, in original paint, each drawers has a lock, the drawers are nailed construction, with square head nails, the top of the Apothecary has a small gallery, circa ‘s SOLD SP7 Folk Art Christmas Tree circa ‘s from Eastern Shore Maryland the wood is yellow pine, with fifteen lights original old wiring that still works except for two lights. The exterior wood showing early lathe marks can be seen on the exterior. Banies, coot Decoy, in original paint with a dog bone weight, stamped R. Notice boat hull like body. This dresser top Vanity Has the original looking glass mirror over a dovetailed storage box.

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As usual, if something seems to be too good to be true it is. Not only do you have to upgrade from a free membership to a costly one usually the premium one in order to read messages or see pictures, but they ask for your telephone number then charge you accordingly. I have a pay as you go mobile phone and they ate all my credit up in a few days!

May 15,  · a bottom feeder takes advantage of the misfortune of others, for example in real estate a bottom feeder preys on those that a desperate to sell and offers a ridicules amount with the hope of getting a : Resolved.

While the term does not sound expressly vulgar, it implies that two lovers will be spending some alone time watching movies together. As the latest double entendre, Netflix and chill is what they are calling it these days. Parents will not always know about the latest slang and will often feel out of the loop. Slang words are almost designed to baffle parents so that children can create a world and a language all to their own.

Slang words are usually synonyms or shortened versions of other words and can be figured out by reading context. However, there are some terms that might not be easily figured out, causing parents to find the correct answers for what their children are talking about and whether or not they should be concerned. Here, we will take a look at some teenage slang whose definition might not be readily known.

Turn Up Like cranking the volume up on a sound system, turning up refers to becoming loud and full of action. Getting turnt up could also imply that alcohol or drugs are involved. There is also a popular hype-inducing song called Turn Down for What which associates a turned up attitude with bizarre, destructive and somewhat psychotic partying and dancing. Bae Since children are writing their own rules on grammar now, the apostrophe is missing on this shortened form of the word babe.

This might have started with text messages, or maybe people started skipping the second b while speaking. The word might also be used as Hey bae bae. On Fleek Something that is on fleek is neat and interesting.

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The information age has made our world much smaller. Just a few years ago one could wield a little black book of girls and maintain relative anonymity in most circles, but the ubiquity of social media has made this virtually impossible. Respect the power of Facebook Men in this sphere almost universally dislike Facebook, but it can be a powerful ally if used correctly. If you have a profile, lock down your security settings, especially those of who can search for you and whether your profile is public.

Diversify Your city may only have one major college or graduate school. This is why you must diversify.

 · Stephen A. Smith Describes Himself As A “Bottom Feeder” We’re used to seeing Stephen A. Smith using his verbose and boisterous voice to argue, analyze and wax poetic about all things sports on various ESPN platforms like First Take and ://

He sells bait and fishing supplies in his shop. His shop is open every day, but will be closed on Saturday if the weather is nice enough for him to go fishing. Schedule Most days Willy wakes up at about 6: He’ll often do more fishing on the beach after closing up shop until about During winter he’ll go to the saloon instead of the beach after work.

On the 9th of Spring, he has an appointment at the clinic. Willy’s shop is closed on Saturday while he’s out fishing, unless it’s raining in which case he’ll keep the shop opened. His schedule can deviate if there are specific conditions like season, weather or certain days of the week. Below are his schedule deviations prioritized highest to lowest for example when it rains that schedule will override all others below it Spring 9 Wakes up for the day, goes fishing outside his fish shop.

How Do Sharks Catch Prey?

Wishing them a smooth and bountiful life. I zoomed in on what the groom said that attracted him most to her. Savoye was instantly enamored of her. She engaged his mind and his heart, and all else followed. A smart man will stick like glue to a woman like that.

Battery Operated Ride Cars For Girls Installing 6 Volt Batteries For Rv Use Charging Prius 12 Volt Battery Battery Operated Ride Cars For Girls Battery Box For 2 6 Volt Batteries 3 Volt Battery Chargers Spring is on its way.

Seeing a deer in your yard is a thrill, but if the deer is trampling your flower beds or eating your vegetation, you might want to repel them instead of attracting them. However, there are ways you can lure deer into your area without having to worry about them endangering your landscaping. By building and installing a deer feeder, you control where the deer visit and what they take an interest in on your property. Building a deer feeder is easy and it makes your backyard a pleasant woodland area.

Gather Materials for Building the Deer Feeder Building your own deer feeder is a lot of fun and more rewarding than purchasing a pre-built feeder. Begin by gathering the materials needed for the feeder. This includes zip ties, a five gallon bucket, PVC piping, and tools such as a drill, a saw, measuring tape, a permanent marker, and a knife.

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This describes most people, but not all who identify as being part of the feederism community. Some people are more flexible with their fetish and can feel sexual attraction to all types of bodies but would prefer an over-weight partner, while others only feel attraction to fat people. Gaining and Feeding Gaining, where a sexual gratification is obtained from the process of gaining, or helping others gain body fat. For some people this gratification can be obtained through role-playing weight gain while other people do it for real.

Feeder Edit An Encourager or a Feeder is a person of any sex who gets sexual gratification from making someone else, their feedee, gain weight.

 · Bethenny Frankel blasts Ramona Singer in part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York reunion — find out how the explosive fight went down in the recap!

Bottom feeder dating Generally, being a Bottom Feeder is a phase that a PUA grows out of, as he sets aside his ego and goes after higher caliber women and realizes his own true value. He is extra flirty with that waitress? It is bottom feeder dating Holy Spirit that successfully changes anyone. About Maria Mcmillan bottom feeder dating He is good looking, charming, funny, and has your full attention from the start.

Conversation leads to a goodnight kiss, which then leads to a make-out session, which in turn leads to awesome sex. Or so you think. Fast forward to the next few dates, or perhaps the lack thereof.

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Water is an abundant city resource. JUST helps to put it work for the community. Part of investing in a community is to take a presence in the heart of it and use your investment energy to help drive restoration.

This is an antique Victorian era infant or invalid feeder marked Germany and dating, I would guess, to the late s or early s. An especially nice antique feeder to collect or ://

A pound lock has a chamber with gates at both ends that control the level of water in the pound. In contrast, an earlier design with a single gate was known as a flash lock. Pound locks were first used in medieval China during the Song Dynasty — AD , having been pioneered by the Song politician and naval engineer Qiao Weiyue in The gates were ‘hanging gates’; when they were closed the water accumulated like a tide until the required level was reached, and then when the time came it was allowed to flow out.

The water level could differ by 4 feet 1. Yet the first true pound lock was built in at Damme near Bruges , Belgium.

Nigera Scam moves to Dating Websites and Personal Ads

More Details BeNaughty is a clunky embarrassment of a website. The best advice we can give is to log onto BeNaughty. Try these best hookup dating sites. They are better websites for getting laid. Our Results Using BeNaughty. We got 70 back, three of which were actually real girls.

Ancient art restoration & conservation. Custom mounting and display stands. Specializing in Pre-Columbian art, I also offer affordable, authentic art and artifacts from throughout the world. Browse the Galleries for a wide selection of ancient artifacts and tribal art from the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

Unusual or non-typical mold-blown bottle bases – Catchall for oddities and unusual items, i. Owens machine s uction scars – A discussion of the distinct scar on the base of bottles produced primarily by the Owens Automatic Bottle Machine. Valve or ejection marks – Discussion of a small round scar on certain types of machine-made bottle bases.

Stippling or Knurling – A discussion of this design feature found on machine-made bottles produced from to date. Mouth-blown bottles All mouth-blown bottles have in common the fact that they were blown with the force of a glassblowers lungs, not mechanically by machine. For a general overview of mouth-blown bottle characteristics and diagnostic features consult the page entitled Bottle Dating: Mouth-blown bottles portion of the Dating Key.

Pontil Marks or Scars The bases of early first half of the 19th century mouth-blown bottles usually have some type of pontil mark or scar. The presence or absence of pontil marks or scars and the specific type of mark, can be very useful in the dating of 19th century bottles. Pontil scars may be found on the bases of both free-blown and mold-blown bottles, both of which are covered on this page.

This page comprehensively covers all of the major types of pontil scars – how they were produced, what they look like, and some general dating information.


Learn more about feederism on the Feederism FAQ page. Find out about the Feabie site itself on the About Feabie page. Setting up a profile is free. So sign up now or log on and join the fun. Also available on iPhone and Android A customizable News Feed The news feed provides a summary of what people are writing on their walls and the comments others are making.

 · Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new fanfic, The Fearless Ferret. This, obviously, is an AU retelling of Ron’s endeavors of being the ://

Here I will offer quality, yet affordable, authentic artifacts from throughout the Americas. This gallery will be regularly updated so check back often. Please ask if you would like additional photos or more in-depth descriptions. Enjoy your treasure hunt All items being offered on this website have appropriate provenance and are legal to buy and own under the United States statute covering cultural patrimony Code , Chapter Every purchase comes with a written certificate of authenticity COA and are fully guaranteed to be as described.

Provenance and accurate, detailed condition information is included with each listing. To Purchase or Ask a Question: Contact me via email at: Payment options are check, money-order or PayPal. Credit Cards can be processed through PayPal.

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Well my, my the oldest scam in the book has moved itself to the personals. I was able to experience this firsthand. I recently put my profile up on Yahoo Personals and I had a few people who contacted me. One person sent me his email and I emailed him at r. He said he had a daughter and was widowed. That is weird, my hackles were up and I was highly suspicious.

Your favorite feeds on the bottom feeders dating experiences etc. Feeder discography and jerks. Encouragers and get dating forums are a big part very sophisticated site features. A male who want to 40mm in a male who love fat singles and romances.

Los Angeles Lakers Mark J. Unless you count taking a second round flyer on Marc Gasol back in , the Lake Show hasn’t truly shone on draft night since trading for a teenaged Kobe Bryant and drafting Derek Fisher in In recent years, a renewed focus on the draft has landed them high ceiling talent in Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell, but none of those three look like gems just yet. They would, however, get serious minutes on a thin roster also featuring Gasol, Julius Randle and Patrick Beverley.

New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Chris Paul, Buddy Hield, J. In part because of a draft history that only dates back to , it’s tough to cobble together a proper wing rotation or identify an NBA-caliber power forward. But none of that matters much when you have Anthony Davis and Chris Paul to form a deadly and complimentary tandem. But this group will live and die on the backs of Brow and CP3, which would be a better fit than Davis ever had alongside DeMarcus Cousins.

His current teammates include stars like Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins, neither of whom would be around on an all-drafted version of the T-Wolves. Instead, pressure would rest firmly on the shoulders of the No. At least Lauri Markkanen would be around to comprise half of a pretty promising front court. Chicago Bulls Derick E.

The bad news is that you don’t get credit for rookie phenom Lauri Markkanen because the sharpshooter from Finland was technically drafted by Minnesota before being traded the same night.

Classic Comedy: Lonely Hearts – Bottom – BBC

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